Photograph of the Day
Drainage Control

March 11, 2007
Sound Transit was required to put in a certain amount of bicycle transit facilities as part of their funding grants. So this is the trail along the light rail through the SODO (South of Downtown) area in Seattle, Washington. Until very recently the owner of this building had been allowing the rainwater run-off from the premises to collect on the new bike path. I used to ride this every day and still ride it every chance I get which is around one to two times a week. I paid for it therefore I will use it. It works well too. It avoids Airport Way and 6th street.( I do predict that Sound Transits first fatality along the light rail will be by the State Liquor Store on Massachusetts and 4th.) Especially since this drainage issue has been resolved. It used to cause a small lake to collect every time it rained. Yesterday I rode through here in a steady rain, an all day rain, an the huge puddle was gone.

A bit further north is another land owner who had his drainage going out onto the new bike trail also. But one wet night I re-routed the drainage back under their fence onto their property. This area no longer floods the new bike trail anymore either.