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The Greatest Cat in the World
February 7, 2008
My poor boy went on to his next life yesterday. He had been with me for a quarter of my life, 13 years and we miss him very much. Clio adopted me when he was a tiny kitten while living in Chicago on the second floor. On day as I was headed out for a bike ride I propped my back screen door open and in came this filthy, flea bitten, starving kitten. I left "her" in the kitchen and went for a ride. I stopped for flea bath and food while out on my ride and he never wanted to go elsewhere. Clio was such a lover you could just look at him and he would start purring. He always had to to roll over in front of you encouraging as many pets out of you as he could. Clio loved everyone, anyone could pick him up and he would sit on their lap until there was no more lap to sit in. He really liked when I worked at home. Clio was blessed with a great brother and sister for the last two years of his life when Marjorie and I moved in together. (The first 11 we lived on the third floor of a variety of buildings.) One of the things I will miss most is watching him chase the two of them in the backyard. So far he is has been the only one to get out of the backyard even though his nearly blind brother was an old hand at "outside" at his last house.

Clio was quite the traveler. He had driven between Chicago and Albuquerque at least twice. He had made the trip form Seattle to Albuquerque twice. Not to mention the trip from Chicago to Seattle. He has even gone for a bike ride! Late in motoring adventure I found that he was not so fond of travel. With the amount of travel that I have done I do appreciate all of my friends that have been surrogate parents to Clio.

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