Kopald Photograph of the Day

My New Panasonic Lumix as Seen by My Old Camera

January 15, 2007
I have had this camera that shot this picture since moving to Seattle in September of 2003. I had first seen it in Chicago at the Sony Gallery. I thought that it was a great size for a pocket camera but too expensive. The week I moved to Seattle Fry's opened in Renton and they had this camera for 50% off. What a deal. I have shot nearly 8000 pics with this little workhorse until one day it start to act up as you can see. I looked for another Sony Cyber-shot U20 but to no avail. I looked all over for a decent replacement with no luck until I saw the Panasonic Lumix line. This camera turns on really fast, shoots faster and has a really wide lens. It is the perfect pocket camera and I am really looking forward to using it everyday. Many thanks to my great girlfriend Marjorie for encouraging me to shop, shop, shop until I found what I really wanted.